Here are a few of the sites that we recommend:

New Zealand's first national professional community in gifted and talented education. Working together to nurture our gifted and talented students: teachers, principals, counsellors, RTLBs, educational psychologists, teacher educators, professional development providers, researchers, postgraduate students and anyone with a professional interest in gifted and talented education.
The site for the New Zealand Association for Gifted Children. Publishes the very informative Tall Poppies magazine plus New Zealand’s own online professional journal Apex.
The best New Zealand source for resources in gifted education with excellent online ordering facilities, plus the centre runs professional development courses and other activities.
Te Kete Ipurangi – the online knowledge basket – (TKI) is New Zealand's bilingual education portal and is an initiative of the Ministry of Education. They offer a range of news about gifted activities in New Zealand including an active listserv discussion forum.

The Australian Assn for the Gifted and Talented, linking all Australia’s state and territory associations and providing a national forum for gifted education. Runs conferences with international speakers, is an active advocate for gifted education, and publishes the informative Australasian Journal of Gifted Education.
Led by Dr Linda Kreger Silverman, the Gifted Development Center in Denver, Ohio, has been involved in assessing gifted children since 1979. There’s a wealth of related and highly valuable expert information here.
A site dedicated to helping us achieve understanding of the emotional needs of the gifted. Packed full of illuminating and perceptive material from a range of experts in the field.
Linda Silverman’s recognition of the existence of visual/spatial learners has transformed many children’s lives. Many gifted children fall into this category. Everything you need to know about this is on this site, including identification checklists and books by both Linda and her associate Allie Golon.
This site carries a host of insightful, highly interesting and thought-provoking articles on a wide range of issues relating to giftedness from a leading writer in the field. Very relevant for anyone working in this field.
Described as the “all-things-gifted resource”, this international site is a virtual encyclopedia of links for parents, educators and gifted children.

Psychologists working with gifted children
The Indigo Assessment and Counselling Centre, led by Lynn Berresford, has a team of experienced psychologists able to assess children and adolescents for giftedness and also for specific learning disabilities and behavioural issues. They also provide a comprehensive counselling service where that is required. They are based in Auckland, but also have a staff member working out of Gisborne.
Contact details: email:;
NZ Phone: 09 444 6859.

Shirley Taylor, Registered Educational Psychologist

Based in Wellington, Shirley Taylor has a particular interest in giftedness, specific learning difficulties and diversity of learning, thinking and feeling. She has been concentrating on her private practice as an educational psychologist for some years now, but her many years of experience in this field also include teaching, university lecturing, advisory work and serving as Director of the Programme Enrichment Centre.
Contact details: email:
NZ Phone: 021 177 1010.
Prue Urlwin is a Christchurch-based Child and Family Psychologist with particular interest and expertise in giftedness and in learning disabilities/dyslexia. She is skilled in cognitive and specific learning needs assessment and report writing with a practical approach, and has extensive experience in working with families and children. After a spell in Auckland working with Lynn Berresford, she has now returned to Christchurch and is back in private practice there.
Contact details:
NZ Phone: 03 366 8055