REACH reports back to the Ministry ...

In late 2017, the New Zealand Ministry of Education asked Rosemary Cathcart to write them a report when she returned from her trip to the States to collect the NAGC professional development award. The topic they asked her to write about was "Gifted education globally and in Aotearoa-New Zealand". Rosemary's report covered developments in some 20 countries, looked at the history of gifted education in this country, and made a range of practical suggestions around possible Ministry actions to support gifted children in the years ahead, stressing the need for a holistic child-centred approach. Subsequently this report was cited by the Associate Minister of Education the Hon. Tracey Martin when she spoke to the giftEDnz AGM in Palmerston North in April 2018, outlining her vision for the future of gifted education in New Zealand, which she too saw as needing to be holistic in approach. Click here to read the full report.