The REACH Gifted PLD Package


(Note to teachers outside New Zealand: a “CoL” is the term our Ministry is using for schools networking together for PLD purposes. It stands for “Communities of Learning”).

REACH Education provides a comprehensive Gifted PLD package carefully structured to meet the diverse needs of schools and CoLs working with different age levels and with varying degrees of existing staff knowledge and practical expertise in this field. This package is eligible for applications to the Ministry of Education for Centrally Funded PLD. Here’s how it works:

We will help you to determine the Gifted PLD priorities for your school or CoL and to build an appropriate Work Plan, drawing from an extensive set of options designed for this purpose.

We will work with you on implementing, reviewing and evaluating the outcomes of your Work Plan, for example through providing mentoring, advisory support, workshops, staff meetings, practical exemplars, and/or resource materials, and so on.

As with all our work, our expert staff have a firmly evidence-based approach, and focus on strategies which are practical, relevant and achievable. Our aim is to create programmes and provisions which are sustainable beyond our involvement with the school or CoL, with the capacity to evolve and self-renew in future years.

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We welcome enquiries from you at any time, and are happy to discuss your possible involvement. Talking with us about this does not require you to make a commitment to taking the package.

REACH staff are accredited Ministry of Education facilitators and have a wealth of experience and nationally recognised expertise in this field. See the About Us : Our Staff   page for individual staff CV (Bio) information.