A Gifted Intensive - Starts February 16, 2024


This compact four-module course covers the same territory as does our Certificate course, but in less detail.

It provides particularly for the concerned classroom teacher who needs some basic information to guide them immediately in working with the gifted learner in their classroom. It may also suit a coordinator needing a first introduction to the topic and someone who has previously undertaken study in this field but wants an opportunity to update their thinking and skills.

It begins with the same essential exploration of giftedness and similarly includes reference to our most recent developmental work on bi-cultural and holistic approaches to giftedness. It then focusses on the practical tools and strategies for use in the classroom. As in the Certificate course, each participant receives individual expert tutoring support throughout and will have access to useful resources to help their practical work.

This course is offered at the beginning of Terms 1, 2 and 3. For 2023, the Term 2 delivery is already under way. To register your interest in a Term 3 delivery, please email us now at: aotearoagiftednz@gmail.com

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