Free Resources


Mention REACH Education and most people think of our popular online Certificate Course. But did you know that our REACH website contains a whole heap of valuable information for teachers wanting to help gifted kids? And almost all of it is free! Here’s what you can find there:

>> Key Concepts:

>> The World Council’s just-announced “Global Principles” – the full explanatory document + a handy 10-point poster

>> Professional Learning & Development - a newly updated really useful section: 

>> A page for the parents of gifted learners, with a number of short helpful articles for any parent finding themselves with such a child

>> A wide-ranging collection of thought-provoking articles on various gifted topics

Then of course there’s information about our Online Certificate Course, about three teachers’ manuals you can access to support your work, and about REACH itself, its history and its vision statement, itself a thought-provoking statement. And keep an eye out for further developments!

Why are we making all this material available free? Our experience has shown us how real the needs of gifted learners are, and how difficult it is for teachers to find sound, well-informed advice. We’re committed to doing all we can to ensure quality support is available for teachers, students and families.

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