Giftedness: Key Concepts


Concepts are the building blocks, not just of knowledge, but of understanding.

Concepts shape our comprehension. They give us depth of insight. They help us to see the relevance and use of an idea.

This section sets out four concepts which collectively provide you with a sound framework for identifying, understanding and teaching gifted learners of all ages and from all backgrounds.

Each concept links to highly effective and practical teaching strategies. You can learn more about these through both our two online courses and through our two teachers’ manuals. (See our Books section). We have also included two examples of such strategies in action.

Concept 1: What does it mean to be gifted?
The essential first question for all work in this field, leading to a definition especially written for Aotearoa New Zealand but relevant for gifted learners everywhere. Click here to access.

Concept 2: A holistic and bi-cultural checklist
This unique checklist draws on the insights of both the major cultures of Aotearoa New Zealand to help teachers make more complete and more accurate identification of gifted learners. Click here to access.

Concept 3: A model of needs for gifted learners
Being gifted creates different learning and developmental needs. What are they? Drawn directly from years of work with gifted learners, this model provides answers to that key question. Click here to access.

Concept 4: A framework for planning
An easy-to-use practical classroom planning framework providing for all learners while helping you build challenging high-interest work for your gifted learners. Click here to access.

Example 1: Unconventional Comprehension
This apparently simple exercise demonstrates a technique relevant for gifted learners of all ages and always catches interest and provokes more in-depth thinking. Click here to read.

Example 2: Caxton – right and wrong!
How we can go wrong – and how we can get it right! Motivating gifted learners, challenging thinking and teaching valuable skills. Click here to read.