Teacher Aide - Gifted Learners


For Teacher Aides: Working with Gifted Learners


Fully funded by the Ministry, this brand new four-module course is designed to train either existing Teacher Aides or those interested in taking up that role to support gifted learners in the classroom.


As part of its decision to fund training for Teacher Aides, the Ministry has awarded us a contract to deliver a training course specifically for Teacher Aides working with gifted learners.

Beginning in June, this four-module course will cover the roles, responsibilities and relationships inherent in the Teacher Aide role, review the different learning needs of gifted learners, and guide participants through a range of practical strategies and resources they can employ in various situations to support the gifted learner. It will be delivered online for ease of access, and, as in our other courses, each participant will be individually supported by one of our expert tutors.

Those able to apply include existing Teacher Aides who want to extend their role, and individuals with some relevant experience who would like to enter this field. The trainee Teacher Aide’s school will be expected to employ them for the duration of the course for one day per week over that time. Further employment may follow.

This is a unique opportunity to provide a new form of support for both gifted learner and classroom teacher. We encourage schools to support this move, and we welcome enquiries from potential applicants.

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