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Both our courses draw on the very best research in the gifted field, offer practical solutions for teachers and schools, and give individual tutoring to support you all the way. Both Reflect Aotearoa New Zealand’s Curriculum refresh and embody our own most recent developmental work. Both provide for teaching children at all levels of schooling, Y1 to Y 13 ... Which one is right for you?

#1 Certificate of Effective Practice in Gifted Education

Starts March 8, 2024

Gain an accepted qualification to teach gifted learners

This award-winning course, operating since 2006 and attracting participants from all around the world as well as from its home country Aotearoa New Zealand, has been specially designed for educators wanting to take a deeper look at the intriguing phenomenon of giftedness. How can we define it? How does it come about? What are the implications for the student, for parents, for schools, for policy-makers? What are the realities behind topics such as acceleration, cultural difference and social stereotyping? What can we do in practice to support the gifted learner? What do we see as the best end outcome for the student?

Delivered in 13 fortnightly modules, this course is ideal for learning support coordinators, gifted coordinators, team leaders, teachers wanting to go on to university study and research in this field, and, above all, for the classroom teacher who has had their interest and concern aroused by experiences with such students.

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#2 A Gifted Intensive

Starts February 16, 2024

Offered for the first time from February 2022, this compacted four-module course covers the same territory but with less detail. It begins with the same essential exploration of the nature of giftedness, and then has its main focus on the tools and strategies needed for provision in the classroom. Each participant receives the same individual tutoring support throughout as in the longer course.

This shorter version provides particularly for the concerned classroom teacher who recognises the need to support the gifted learner but who simply does not have the time required for the longer course. It is also ideal for both the coordinator needing a first introduction to the topic and for those who have undertaken some study in this field in the past but who want an opportunity to update their thinking and skills.

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